YIZ I are fan girl

I don't get to do this as much lately so let me be. I skipped the joint early after missing out on most of JP, the school pet's game after the Rizal meeting I had with the other production heads so I made my way to Trinoma only to remember that Jabbawockeez were going to be performing there this evening. There was still so many people even after the performance which was around the time I got to the mall to meet up with Baduch.

Photo by Shara B.

Then our mini search for the album started
Cole C. already gave me a heads up about this album coming out in the local record bar and I had no idea I'd be among the first ones to line up and go get it. The sales lady told us that there was another much younger girl (I'm assuming she's also a fan girl) who came in the morning asking for that album. Apparently it was shipped at around 4 in the afternoon and its been selling like hotcakes since then. That gives me another good reason to overlook the fact that I didn't see Jabbawockeez whee

and I would have gotten this for a 1000+ if I didn't wait

Baduch told me that SHINee might be the next one off our shelves demmet! I can't help myself if its gonna be local prints like this, I don't mind at all!

Fangirling only tonight, ahhkk It's time for another meeting with my Taekwondo Sonsengnim tomorrow, gee... can't wait (<_<)

Later Days, (Catch me at the games in the next few days)

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