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The clouds gathered and the once hot and sunny 2'o clock afternoon had suddenly turned gray and the thunders made its presence felt. I was in the library weighing my options weather I'd push through to attend the very much anticipated pep practice for this evening but I decided not to go because of the sour weather. I then made my way to the school gates to find myself a forming crowd it was dismissal time, understandable but the volume of people at the gate ment something else. Alas the rain had not yet stop pouring and my anticipation to get a ride home grew.

Reenactment Yes! We too now promote our very own version of the UST floods

As I made my way out to the road, what I saw across was a raging mini flood that almost swallowed the other side of the road turning it into a river that wasn't there before. Knowing that this would not be good for either my shoes or my feet (Either ways. It's not gonna work for me). I decided to take the train. As a walked down the street towards the station I saw the continuous downpour of water from the school walls till I reached the curb where there was a mini replica of the Niagara falls also coming from the corner of my school's sewage system. (I guess they were doing something from the other side of the wall like maybe mopping the also flooded hallway curb?).

Reenactment We also promote yet another attraction, our very own Niagara falls

photo by flipkeat

"How amusing" I thought as I crossed the road. When I got to the station's bag check entrance there was yet another crowd but this time I read the signs and thought that this might not be a good time either to ride the train. I overheard someone among the crowd saying that the train couldn't get anywhere near the station because of the rain or whatever 'code yellow' means. I guess there was also flood on the train tracks or some sort of electrical complication. Hmm, I doubt anyone would risk taking in 10,000 volts in their system for a train ride. I mean, I wouldn't cross a feet high flood for a ride but I did anyway. Ironic as it may seem I felt even more ironically irate of myself as I realized that I had made a pointless proclamation on the jeep I rode home.

I said as I caught my breath after seeing familiar faces of classmates (Cacai, Paula, Charlotte, Vin) "That was the first time I had experience... flood". Knowing that the other people on the jeep were either giving me a look of disbelief or the same irate sentiment I had after realizing that I had made such irrelevant remark on the public vehicle. I must say and can only say "Thank you manong driver for waiting for me to ride and eww very much at my wet feet".

But the doesn't end there, there was this inconsiderate driver who drove by trying to speed up his pace and ended up splashing the jeepney passengers near the mouth of the jeep. Tsk tsk tsk, I don't know if he thought that it was good time to shoot a commercial for his silly modified Mitsubishi Adventure, thinking he looks cool and all with the splashing effects going on.

Reenactment: Warning kids, do not try this in case of flood

SPLAAAASH. photo by Matthew Fry

This is how we fair from where I stand. After all the forecast this morning was "small probability of rain" or maybe I didn't understand what that was suppose to imply. I love the weather forecaster

Later days, kids

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