Sportsfest 09 Ender: The Fire and The Flood

Let me begin my story from early this morning when the rain was still moderate, it was a tedious task for me to get up early in the morning and be enthusiastic for the day because of the lousy weather. I have not been too keen with the weather, it looks something like this (scientifically speaking)

Endoy in the heart of the metro- say cheese, Endoy!

I only noticed it after MC's performance, that the rain drops were coming down like angry marbles on the roof, those were pretty big rain rain drops IMO. I had lost my patience with the volume of people in the school gym and too much carbon dioxide was getting to my head. I waited outside the gym after the second performance. I fell asleep watching over the props along with my sempais until after the last performance that a commotion started and I thought it was just a really bad prank because we had guests over.

"please evacuate to this side of the gym"
was the first warning I had heard in the gym, a lot of people were there during that time. I was asked "why the sudden need to evacuate?" someone answered in chorus "there's a problem with- (whoever answered lost the thought because of the crowd)" while I said it must be the drainage system, it's flooded right outside the gym (and dude, this isn't part two of my previous post "Well, is not")

The Fire
"May sunog!" (There's Fire)
That didn't exactly register in my mind after me and my sempais started moving the props to avoid getting it wet, I wasn't exactly in the mood to run around or panic for that matter. We were told by a school official to get out and evacuate the school and one of my sempais were concerned about their bags. Us being among the first to hear I suggested that I'd wait for them to come back with their bags as along as they'd come back asap. Apparently hear say of fire doesn't really disturb me it wasn't until my Okasan noticed the smoke above us and I saw this glaring light coming for us (which turned out to be cars parking in the catwalk.. ah stupidity). That was when my panic alarm went off.. I grabbed Okasan and suggested to get out NOW.

We did get out and I got soaked on the way out even with an umbrella in hand. Those small rivers of floods I had to cross made me forgot of how irritated I was of the rain. I was just surprised to see people ganged up by groups I wasn't anywhere near my classmates then. Realizing that I would have just just got up and went with whoever. I called for pick up under the rain (great, some electronics work under rain. I must invest in more gadgets like these).

The fire assist came 5 minutes later while I was across the campus still wet and anticipating to get even more wet. The fire was put out. During that time I had small talk with some of my classmates imagining what we would assess after the disaster, I mean the winners of the cheer leading or sports weren't announced or awarded yet, we came up with all sorts of evaluation of loses. Until we were called to come back inside. So I figured... maybe the fire wasn't all that big or the rain did its job of putting the fire out.

So the fire ended, the only other announcement was about avoiding the buildings in the campus and to go home immediately while that was deemed impossible by some. I got my ride home while crossing yet another river of flood. Geez this flood business just won't call it quits!

The Flood
The rain is ridiculous. It didn't stop, it was far more worse than raining cats and dogs have look at this

Some kids thought... "Yey floods" and I said "Oh floods!"

More public service for you readers from the land of the floods, if you are in need of electricity shut down contact the Meralco mobile lines 09175592824 or 09209292824
or if you don't know who to call if your stuck in a "get me outta here (of the flood/rain) situation" call The National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) For Emergency: 911-1406, 912-5668, 912-2665, 911-5061; Help hotline #s: 734-2118 or 734-2120

And I just gotta note. Hello culture club of netizens! I'm getting the news first hand experienced from other blogs/web sites. Kewl

Hoping for un-flooded days, kids

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