Modus Pocus

Whee someone needs to buy me a drink! At Quickly or Bubble Tea. Me and Ate Cel L. placed third in table tennis doubles. Aha! I no longer am a piece of sham to the society but I wish we could have snagged 2nd if only I took a breather during our game with PBE. Props to the tension release early in the morning dancing to SNSD's Genie, f(x)'s lA chA TA, and Mr. A. Skarsgard even if I'm not a fan why are you still sexy today?. This is what inspiration can do to you. Awesome.

New Modus Operandi
When I got home this afternoon I saw granny and Ate Ria fussing about some locked bag that was left with granma and she tells me something about losing her mobile phone. Then out of curiosity granny pried open the poorly done lock on the bag with the hope of finding her cellphone in that bag (I'll explain later), even though I tried to reason out that she shouldn't open a bag that not hers, let alone it being pad-locked. But anyway here's what we found



Me and my fantasies of having reams of 20 peso bills. (20PHP is worth $0.04) I Know Right... (<_<')

If some foolish bogus crack like this happens to me, this will happen (of course that's not feasible, don't fear me just yet). So here's a little public service to my readers. I'll tell you the details of this modus operandi it might not be new but a little street smarts and a couple of reminders won't hurt.

Here's the situation:
If someone comes up to you, most likely a lady with a companion and asks if she can borrow your mobile phone for a little while to sms someone and then asks if you can watch over her handbag because of some reason (e.g. gotta run to the comfort room, etc) as she returns your phone, there she'll ask you to put your mobile phone in her bag (the one she's going to hand over to you) for the simple reason that you'll be holding her bag anyway. She and her companion and will ask you to wait for their return or ask you to meet them at some place later to return the bag but in reality they won't come back anymore neither will you see them again. This is a modus operandi to get hold of your mobile phone just to remind you.

In exchange for that stolen mobile phone what granny got in the bag was 11 reams of grade 4 writing pads, a 20 Peso bill, a bunch or brown envelopes used to wrap the writing pads (which really made me think it was really reams of cash at first), and a dirty old bag with a broken zipper sabotaged with a hole to accommodate a lock (probably from UK-UK according to Ate Ria).

Tips to avoid this modus
Sure it's nice to extend help to someone in need, but don't for an reason put your cellphone in their bag. Not even if she insists.

Another point to consider, just imagine- what if it was drugs in the bag? a bomb? human body parts? (well I had to add that just because it was among the things I mentioned when I tried to stop granny from opening the bag). In the event that someone does ask you to watch over their bag you can but make sure they just leave in one place and not with you. I hope you got the idea.

Great, the world needs a lot of people like you! However you can never let your guard down, if you think someone is trying to pull off something fishy behind your back it's always best to walk away... to the nearest security guard the better. Public places won't always remind you to do this but you have to report any suspicious people in the vicinity you're at. If your in a vicinity with a lot of suspicious people... well I don't suppose that you would, don't worry God loves you anyway.

And with that I just gotta end this post with a shout out to the presidentables of the Philippines. "Becoming president is not a contest, its a dedicated public service" So you big guys better not be doing it for the money and power, we've had a lot of your drama way back when.

Later days

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