Marz in the Korea Times

The last time I recall seeing a Korea Times broadsheet Micheal Jackson was on the front page but this time its CASSPH and the fangirls making the scene in the website. Its all about the fangirling be it for TVXQ, Suju, or SNSD, the Hallyu wave is really giving the kpop fandoms a great surf in the RP.

Photo Courtesy of CassPH website c/o

If you can't spot me in this picture well that only goes to show that the article is not entirely about me... go figure. You can read the whole article here. Pretty good read IMO but that's just me.

I can't say where I'm going from here but that juicy Kpop-con is in the works and there's a high probability that I'll be going no matter what. Join me? I'm saving up for that one.

Later days, kids

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