Making the market

Last night I watched the taped episode of Jessica Soho's feature on Kpop in the Philippines and my friends are on tv! Woot Berna, Te Pao, Te Tin, CassPH Cores... exposure! LAWL

So I got this info down, the Kpop con is happening this October 31st and I bet my two cents that this is a possible venue for VJ Isak to be in. I hope she will be otherwise it'll be another year of painstaking patience for me to endure.

Lets bring the artists!
In accordance to the upcoming Kpop convention what fan wouldn't want the artist to come over the islands to make a scene and be seen in person! *UBERFLAIL* So I am encouraging you guys to sign the petition to bring in our beloved Kpop artist to the very first Kpop convention this October.

Universal brings in the boys
Apart from Suju's Sorry Sorry album kpop fans can look forward to SHINee and Girl's Generation hitting the shelves of your local record bars however these upcoming releases really takes home the cake. More expenditures but I know this will be much cheaper than ordering it from Korea (I love you very much Universal records!)

Super Junior M - Super Girl

.. ah finally
Ahhhkkk too much fan girling in the works, I have to get a breather, kids!

Later days, kids

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