Just compelled

To Vote
Much learning going on today, as distinguished speakers graced our youth forum at school today (ooh, so technical ). Technicalities aside, we had a talk on elections and what role we played in it even if most of the participants are minors (myself included). It was a very comprehensive way to motivate us to vote with the big guys from Smartmatic conducting a demo for us to 'experience' this automated voting; Having Maria Resa among the speakers to share with us her knowledge on elections and voting but not since my mates kept pestering me about her being my long lost mom, well why not right?
[is compelled to place picture from forum here later]

You can say I had it easy because attending the forum cuts me off classes but nah, it just brought back my anxiety to work on my registration for the elections. I gotta admit I'm quite anxious to register to vote because I have been itching to exercise that right.

To not get involved
I got off early from school and unfortunately had to commute home. One of my routes home was to pass by Waltermart however I was compelled to go home from another route I managed to avoid the so called 'armed van bank robbery'. Thank you very much mini stop vanilla sundae from keeping me from going there today.

Photo from GMANews.TV

That's nuts

Later, kids

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