A book with many pictures

I must really have aged backwards because I have this tendency to look for pictures in a book regardless of it being a novel or what not, as well as checking out kiddie books. If you guys didn't know there are a lot of good Filipino writers who are writing awarded children books now a days (ohh Madonna syndrome much). Today me and mum to the book fair in SMX (whee first time to go there).

The Book fair was...so-so
Although I got pretty excited when I saw the Vizprint media booth. Ahhh the lovelies... Bob Ong, Kajo Budismo, Kiko Machine. You bet I'm fond of these guys works (mind you, I'm very much out of the loop these days so as to say not even knowing about the book fair). Here's the deal tho, I was trying to keep the subject on a down low with my mom when I read from behind the sign of Mr. G.M. Coronel who launched his book today was the erased name of "Bob Ong". I tried to tell mom but she blurted out aloud "BOB ONG IS HERE?"... Ay mama sita! You make me loose my cover . Later when we came back my mom asked one of the sales lady "Pupunta po ba si Bob Ong para mag-sign?" (Will Bob Ong come here to sign books?). The lady answered "Si Bob Ong? *pauses (I suppose she thought twice before that lip twitching into a smile thing happened)* Ay... matagal na po naming di kilala si Bob Ong eh *arranges a stack of book nearby*" (Bob Ong? Oh it's been a long time and we don't know who Bob Ong is)

Well that figures. I'll probably go chase Sir KaJo and Sir Bujette for that autograph so you might have guess right that I did not again buy the Trese series even if they were on a 10% off sale. I bought Bob Ong's "Kapitan Sino" and "MacArthur" though. As well as other purchases I made today. "Ngalang Pinoy" is made of LOL!

lots of funny novels

To end our adventure we cooled off the long afternoon with some Bali hu. Apparently the best books that I really really wanted to add in my library are as thick as my algebra textbooks and would cost me my second semester tuition. Books are definitely something I wouldn't want tax on. I'd die if my favorite books

gulp gulp.. ahhh

Funny I should mention that the national Museum also had a booth there and I even picked up a couple to things about Gregorio Aglipay after the booth keeper of the Ateneo Press asked if anyone in my family had any intentions of writing Lolo Greg's biography (we'll talk about that some other time). But yeah the one phrase that struck me in that short biography of Gregorio Aglipay was "konti lamang ang nalalaman tungkol sa kanyang pamilya" (little is known about his family). Would it help if I had something to add to that? JK.

I guess thats the day. I got a load full of requirements to finish. As well as literary crack to get back to.

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