2009 Philippine Blog Awards Nomination

Hey folks here's a dedicated post regarding my PBA nomination and it's been on my mind since I've received my nomination from YJ. Too bad I ignorantly deleted that e-mail, which was truly a keeper. Its not like it happens everyday that I receive an e-mail telling me that I've been nominated for an award.

oh reallyzzz? Yez reali!

In response to the e-mail, I suppose YJ already knew that I've been keen with the PBAs since I've heard of it in late '07. I was just waiting for a push for a self nomination but I guess that never really crossed my mind. So I owe this nomination to YJ who's currently busy with his own life. It just surprises me how he manages to squeeze some time to read my blog, thank you YJ.

Accepting the Nomination
As you can see and have read in one of my posts about my acceptance of this nomination but I barely mentioned it, not enough to consider a 'real post' on the PBAs. It took awhile for it to sink in till a week ago "WOW I'm really a nominee for the PBAs now". I guess it was time for me to look back at the personal thoughts I've shared over the past 5 years about my life and all the randomness in between. Yeah it's been 5 years already since I made my first blog post. I don't know if anyone really took the time to read those as I have to save myself from grammatical errors.

This may be the cheesiest blog post I have ever written, trying very hard not to make it will-o'-the-wisp or what not. I took the nomination just out of curiosity if ever anyone really bothered to read about some girl's life. Let alone the fact of continuing a blog of 5 years, recording a personal history is IMO a rewarding thing to do (at least I have a hobby and not so high on drugs).

I leave the rest to you lovely readers, people, pets (Yeah I know some of you are!), and adults too. I also have to thank my friends who gave a positive response to my nomination. Salamat, KAYO BATO! Thanks, YOU ROCK! Panda even made me fanart... like OMG I don't get that too often
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And so I humbly ask you this is a rhetorical question so please spare me If you believe that my blog is worthy of receiving your vote and support to be either best personal blog or a blogger's choice awardee, I leave my fate to you. So get out and vote! (actually I don't know when the voting is, May? JK )

I hope I do :D


taympers said...

congratulation.its nice that u r a part of upcoming PBA 2009.

Groupdmt said...

congratulation.its nice that u r a part of upcoming PBA 20011.
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