Today, I could say that I'm just living a day in my life. It's just a day with one of my many adventures. We conducted our follow up interview with Yahoo! Philippines today. A couple of my group mates (who were extra sunny after the interview even if we were about to call it a day) finally met Sir Cris Conception and the rest of the staff after our interview- a cool staff in a kewl office. "Cool beans" as I would say- I should do this more often.

I particularly enjoyed the field trip after the interview and meeting the rest of the Y! Team. They had awesome written all over their work place. Funny I should mention this but I brought up HG with Sir Cris and told him about HG PH. He said he's game if HG PH would go do skit... HOO!!!!

Hard Gay says "Ya-HOO!"

At the end of the day, I didn't score the Elvis cupcake that I wanted to try at Sonia's, I didn't take the easy route home, and I didn't find the LE Yahoo! Shirt I wanted at the Team Manila retail store at Serendra but we got an even more LE Yahoo! Shirt.

hows that for a keeper?

I can't put into writing how accomplished I feel right now except for saying "Yahoo!". Plus a little addition to my little accomplishments for today I'm now reaching Level 2 on yahoo answers. Wheee!!! I mean... YAHOO!!!

There goes the silliness

Oh boy did I sure enjoy today! I hope I could score one last interview and finish the editing. More work to do tomorrow even if there's a great lady who'll be remembered and honored for her legacy of democracy. I will use my time wisely.

Later days, Kids

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