Taking a Swing at Life

If life were a baseball, I'd hit it with a bat, full swing! I'm extremely ticked off by an acquaintance of mine who obviously has a serious psychological problem, gee I wouldn't worry if that person is reading this now but seriously that kid needs serious help because when I'm the one making the effort to make things work for the kid, man it just gets even more screwed up. And I don't like screw ups.

Swing Batter!
I dropped by x-location to cover an interview which didn't push through because our interviewee wasn't in the office. Note to self: SMS interviewee if they're in the office before dropping by. SERIOUSLY.

I couldn't be bothered more

So I'm off do do another one of these tomorrow but I'm scrapping the all Purple idea. I mean Sheens C. had this "For every person I see wearing purple, I'd be 1000PHP richer" thing going on. We stopped at 32,000 till when we separated it was 34,000. I would have been rich if only someone was paying that deal. So towards the end of the day me and my groupmates had to walk till we got to our ride home after much debate over an interview that didn't push through (At least we get a re-bound!). I think I'll go snag that well deserved cupcake and then go bankrupt.

any ideas?

Don't Get Lost, I'm the map
So I got this crazy quiz going on tomorrow and some current events that I couldn't be bothered much with. Sometimes I wished I had pictographic memory. Sometimes I just don't want to be the conformist, not because I'm a student & not just for anyone.

TVXQ's on the Toll Too!
Ok so lets add up the frustrations won't we? I'm just not buying that TVXQ just wants a settlement from SM but rather a break from it. This is like a modern day Shinhwa from SM in the making. God! Help them in their plea of equality for all the hard work they put into their music. Gahh I practically love them! Like, Why the heck not eh?! Everybody HWATING!

Later Days

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