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This week, there's been a lot going on for me. I can only say so much about it. Today it's Francis's birthday and he refuses to acknowledge that its the same as Michael Jackson's birthday. Speaking of Michael Jackson, I came a cross Khalil Fong's new album called Timeless. I only figured it out after Khalil Fong's repeated Video Scope features on Channel V that he's really out with a new album. I'm getting really dusty with the Asian Pop, gotta get back to that.

Khalil Fong's timeless contains mostly covers of English songs which would be good for his international fans (myself included). I need to discuss music with people. I'm starting to envy Jo who started to take a fancy with Vinyl records, I now also want my stereo record player fixed (after watching a segment of Executive Class on ANC) which I doubt will happen anytime in next few years.

Keen up in college
There's a couple of things that's keeping my head away from the real world
  • Presenting a documentary about the internet (after several hits and misses)
  • Acting matters- in the college theater department, in a minor class.
  • academic responsibilities
  • friends' debuts
  • academic society matters
I had no idea my class could pull of a mid-term play with (one day / 2 hours / without) practice that's something I have to give credit but I don't encourage it to happen more and more often. I won't be surprised if me and my mates get shaken off the society after a couple more misses. Some one please enlighten us. There's not enough motivation going around for the kids. We're all gonna die out of obligation.

and another learning to add to that...

"If you going to do something you don't like. Try your best to do it and make it work out for you."
In contrary to the saying "follow your heart / do the things that make you grow as a person"
... I say

If it's choking you (you can't die from that), shake it up from the bottom
If your lost, GET LOST (who cares? In a place where no one knows you)

Just like this lady I saw in the train station a week ago. I gotta give props to her for being brave enough to walk around looking like this. Wow, auntie, great fashion sense

Kids, Haesan!
I'm taking up taekwondo in PE. Ahhhkkk now I have one less of an excuse to miss out on KR classes. I haven't shown up in class for a while now. This is gonna be bad on my part.

Once again, 해산

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