The day I didn't have a straw

Nothing can be more bumming than not having a straw to drink your chocolate drink from a tetra pack without a straw. I'm sorry I'm picky enough to refuse a straw that didn't come included with the chocolate milk carton- so I didn't drink my chocolate milk. You must be thinking its childish for me to be thinking like this- I do, when I'm hungry. I figured, it must have fallen off before I placed it my school bag anyway.

STRAW where art thou?

Despite the bumming parts of the day or the week for that matter, I finished my written prelims and I thought I deserve a break even if I've been deprived of more than 8 hours of rest time for the whole week. I thought it was a perfect time to go to Cubao X since we finished late in the afternoon and thus dream fulfilled!

Cubao X at night
Taking Sir Chris's tip to go to Cubao X at night, it was indeed much more alive. There's no sale going on but it was such a treat for me to go there. On the way there, considering the fact that there are really a lot of creative minds around the area, I couldn't help but laugh at this vandalism I found so funny.

can induce hemorrhoids / can cause amoebiasis... then what's the right way to go, genius?
I told Boogs B. about it, I bet she's seen it herself. I kept laughing about it when I showed it to my brother who thought I was taking a fancy at public toilets all of a sudden. Kids, this is not an excuse for you to draw on public property. Don't wait till your older to know this.

We took our time at The Reading Room (it's now officially one of my favorite shops!) where Boogs and Jen B. kept the shop keeper entertained while I took the time to check out almost all of the merchandise for sale. I found myself amused with this wooden top that came in many different colors, I just bought one though. I just thought it was cute. Another one to add to my knick-knack collection.

Spin, top, spin!

I found another mini tumbler toy in one of the shops. I immediately asked how much it was sold for but the shopkeeper said it was only for display. D'oh! I just wished it was for sale though. I dropped by Ate Lex M.'s place after since it's Tito Gus's birthday. I met one of her highschool buds, Ate Joy, who turns out to be my neighbor. Small world aye?

What gets me giddy
Taking a picture of that puclic toilet sign was enough to make me LOL but what really got my hyper was that I get another hand-me-down from mum. Since she bought a new laptop. I'm a bit sketchy with MSI but it looks sturdy I'll let my mum be the judge of that. So today I worked on transfering her files and such. I can't wait till the HP Pavilion dv1000 gets reformatted to run on a Windows 7 Ultimate OS. I tried it out on mum's laptop and gosh it was cuteness! I looks and feels better than the Vista OS. You can try out the Windows 7 OS for free here. It'll be officially launched this October.

Send in the missiles aimed at the fruit!

Later days, kids

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