You can have it the easy way

Pretty busy day today. Too bad I was out of the house when the SONA was going on. I can tell from where I was headed that the weather was nothing but bad over at Batasan. So now I'm catching a late night viewing of this for my Intro to Mass Com class. God, I am just to diligent to sleep. You bet I'd rather sleep than listen to a depressing economical report but who am I to say so... I haven't watched the whole thing yet.

There's too much applause going on *INSERT APPLAUSE HERE*

I find it funny how someone commented that the SONA video should have been comment disabled over at YT. I couldn't agree more! But please spare me from the fancy words. I implore you, madam!

Fen's Debut
Keeping me up last night was a late night dinner party over at Shangri La at Delta. It was raining real bad since last night. Food was great as well the company of some old mates from the can, and yes I got the "Betty" remark although I don't know where that "Jandi" labeling was coming from.

The class of '03 reunited. I feel so old!

well this me pulling of a quick one.

Later Days

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