When a girl turns Bettyful

Ok ok so I've decided to post this up, because this is the one thing I have been avoiding to blog about (since last last week Saturday when I had my braces put on). I included this picture to an e-mail I sent my Auntie for laughs so I decided why not blog for the lolz here? I was supposed to share this after Fenella R's debut because my mates from the old can will meet me again after a couple of ages passing but what the heck.

Marz looks like Betty, now laugh your butts off

from left to right: Marz & Betty Betty & Marz

Apparently this orthopedic contraption makes me want to hurl sometimes after meals, it feels awkward having some random piece of metal on your chompers. Then there's that metal tip sticking into my cheek so inconveniently PLUS you bet it hurts but its annoying more than anything else. On top of it all whats worse is that I can't eat the food I usually eat (gimme a blender will you?)

I was looking into those invinso-braces that's all the rave with aesthetic orthopedics but if you've seen my dental x-rays you'd bet more than your two cents that I really needed this metal in my mouth.

I can't wait to see how this works in an airport check. I'd be setting off the metal detector every time I'd go through one . The question is where am I headed to setting off airport metal detectors?

Later Days

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