Weather small talk

Hey folks! Classes were called off today. Good thing I haven't passed the half-mile marker to school which I haven't figured out where exactly (I'll google that in a bit). Too bad I wasn't able to wear my pink hand-me-down windbreaker, mind you I felt fashionably lame in it

Geographical speaking
looks a lot more than that red patch as you can see here. I mean, that could just be summer rains for all I care but from the NOAA site as of 9:40pm it looks like Isang wiped out the whole of Luzon out of the map. I may just be out-of-the-know when it comes to weather forecasting so go figure.

I wonder if I'll have swimming classes tomorrow? I might get wet if its raining!

No iput!
Since there's no classes I was diligent enough to finally pick up my copy of Rosario Cruz-Lucero's novel Feast and Famine (I had Greg and Mum to go to UP press for my copy. Can you say Lucky-butt? ). Originally I was assigned to read one chapter but a book's a book and I'm being extra diligent for reading the first chapter which its title I have no recollection of (so you ask if I was really reading eh?). I gave up halfway through the first chapter because of its adult concepts and by that I do mean suggestive kind of novel for mature readers not to the likes of Desperate housewives or 91210. Its more of a fusion of Gossip Girl and Noli me Tangere SHIKES! Can you imagine what kind of novel this is?

Its interesting but excuse me for taking the novel too personal. Its just that I've had enough of those suggestive novels for this week, PUHLEEZE gimme a break! Because over the week I had to re-read novels (Midsummer & Magnificence to name a few) penned by national artists Manuel Arguilla & Estrella D. Alfon respectively. I gotta hand it to the people who gave these people awards- You read a lot... WAY TOO MUCH, TYVM.

MJ news of the day
I gotta face it, I'm a MJ fan girl. There hasn't been a day since he passed away that I had been so enthusiastic about re-discovering his life and his music even more. Instead of finishing a couple of Doramas or read V for Vendetta I watched Michael Jackson: HIStory on Film - Volume II. As a fan you would have guessed it I was like and while watching. I've got a long line up of Micheal Jackson documentaries and DVDs I wanna watch and its seriously overshadowing my love for Asian Pop SRSLY.

Its was stressful to see the clip of MJ in that Pepsi commercial accident repeatedly today (Once is enough thank you very much). I was really hoping the media stopped sensationalizing his cause of death before the actual autopsy results be released to the public. I have no idea what's with Michael not yet being buried shrines and mausoleums are in consideration perhaps? It makes me wonder where whoever is in-charge-of-MJ's-remains keeps the body? In an Air tight container? a jar? refrigerator?

now thats hot pun unintended

Wherever it is its its not for me to know, now isn't it? Here's a food for thought
"What's not interesting won't be watched"
Don't let it get to you though.

Later Days, Kids!

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