Taking it to the theater

My blockmates and I went over to the Peta theater down at a back road along E. Rogdriguez Ave. to watch Nicanor Tiongson’s Noli at Fili Dekada 2000 (Dos Mil)

Meeting the veteran
I was having second thoughts about addressing the presence of Sir Bembol Roco because honestly I couldn't remember his name but a quick run through of roles that I remembered him acting when I was just a little skipper. Till the name Bembol Roco was brought up, I just remembered how much I enjoyed watching really old movies where he was much younger and very good looking. He's very nice in-person too! (ahk- fangirl moment!)

my blockmates with Sir Roco

He wasn't in the show I watched which was the second run for the day, he was among the audience though and in the playbill. Lex Marcos was all the fuss by most of the audiences after the show. I didn't exactly had the time to tell them that I enjoyed the show except for one of them (I'll jot down the name after I get a second glimpse of the playbill).

The Show
It was a unique interpretation of Jose Rizal's two novels. Nothing quite like what I had in mind in contrast to the novel-turned-comedy-play rather a more appropriate approach to the novels fit for audience my age and older, it was worth what I had paid for. The way Ibarra's predicament was interpreted was similar to that of the original story line except for some parts which included my favorite part when Clara and Simoun were reunited. Its the part I would have wanted Rizal to include in his novel. Even if it was just a leeway off the original plot I felt that it was a crucial scene to include in the story and it struck me.
I'll be including that in my two page reaction paper... heck gotta make that longer!

I appreciated this play more than the one I watched back in high school. Ahh the days...

So kids, if you know the artists in the local scene, get to know them even better- the veterans of Philippine cinema.

Later Days, kids

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