Sorry, Hello, Goodbye, Hello

On US Independence day me and my mum went on a search for the Special commemorative edition of TIME Magazine. It was a special on Michael Jackson which my mom casually found laying around in a book store in Shangri-La mall earlier that week. She told me about it and wanted to get a copy herself. There was a fireworks show before that, I tried to catch it on cam but the wind was very strong that evening

It was tedious just looking for a copy. We went to at least three magazine stores for this, two of which claimed to have sold out this issue. Luckily we found and bought ourselves a copy from Fully Booked (oh yay, Lord!). Indeed there's lots of pretty picture of Michael as Michael and Michael as Jacko.

Its quite scary to think that I think he was gorgeous, he was so to say I'm not exactly the most loyal fangirl when it comes to Jacko. Just real sorry and sad for the loss.

Pimping out the kids
Today we started try-outs for my theater org. HAH I get a knack out of being here. Just thinking about how I fared in auditions last year, I think I wouldn't have made the cut this year, Ionno. I was suppose to cover this but I had to see what kind of material I'd make. I'm glad I didn't bother but I guess I still have to tomorrow.

Speaking of pimping, Here goes Marz yet again tackling competitions again! This time with Jen B. We were asked to come up with a song for Nutrition month, but hey at least I'm not cooking up a mess like I did last year

I'm caught up with SCHOOL?!
Don't get me wrong, I bet you guys probably had an idea that I'm not a fan of school because it drains the living day lights outta me but there are some things that changed since a couple of weeks into the school year. I've been motivated to show up in school and I seriously don't know what's up with that. demorol has nothing to do with it pfft.

I feel particularly messed up right now being caught up in school and life. But for the record I'm actually busy with something worthwhile and productive yet I feel that its not normal . Or maybe I just lack sleep? I'd say the later since some one logical would whack me with the same answer Nah, it's just me not getting the time to blog about things I love to blog about, go figure. I miss blogging about life and spending time with friends... I'm morphing into a nerd!!! WTH save me!

Later days, kids

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