Same game old player

My old man hasn't blown his b-day candles yet so I have yet to try his cake. Apparently his uncalled for party drives a couple of people up the wall (myself included). Next time if its his birthday we should all just evacuate, Yes?

The only good thing tonight (for me at least) was that Auntie B brought a box of assorted brownies from Conti's. What a night for Conti's treats! I'm not gonna let that skip my weak chompers. Phone pics sure are made of z-quality, mind you.

I had a crazy day at school, we 2nd year students were welcomed to the Mass communication society in school. Mcdy's Grimmace, the purple triangle (that's what he is right?), came and tried to make us dance. I have to say he didn't look that convincing but I gotta give props to him after being devoured by the time we had a photo opportunity with him. I don't know where I'm gonna find pictures of this event so you can just let your imagination run wild.

College kids + Grimmace = ROFLMAO-much.

So the 22nd of July marks a lot of birthdays of three people I know, It used to be just two and now there's Denden in the list so happy birthdays you guys (Dad & Noe too). Plus a couple more to come from other people.

I gotta go for some shut eye

Later Days

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