Purple's in season!

I'm writing this as I write my midterm project script. Maybe the word might reach you that I need help with this midterm project of mine.

I'm currently working on a 10-15 minute video documentary on New Media a.k.a The Internet with the Prof pinning us on how search engines work. Originally I wanted to cover flippish.com but my professor wants my group to make it all about Yahoo! Philippines which is not bad altogether but I'm still weighing my chances on that. I really do want to do this cover on Yahoo however I'm working with novice equipment and my desktop isn't exactly in its best state to be working on the editing. Me and my group mates live inconveniently apart from each other so its tough luck for us but I believe we can pull this off.

Me and B. Aoa dropped by Trinoma to check if we could get anything on the Purple hunt and ended up checking out a newly opened Team Manila store. I fell in love it the Sisa-Basilio-Crispin shirt. I'd grab it when I get the opportunity (maybe over the weekend if time allows). Either that or I'm completely clueless about the dates of the event. I was told that the one in Trinoma is already finished, someone educate me!

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I just could use some one's expertise on Yahoo! Philippines, some kind hearted person who'd lend their equipment, and knows a good place to have video editing done. The catch is I have to wrap this up before mid-August. So if you guys have any useful advice I could really use that.

Woot! Nomination
My blog is nominated for the 2009 Philippine blog awards and I'm taking it just to see how I fair in the www this year. I should have joined in 2007 when blogging kept me from losing my head when I had vasculitis. Thanks for the nomination, YJ!

I could use the hits kids!

Later days

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