Positive and Negative attracts

"You feel that your life's at its ends when temporary things get the best of you, but its the best parts of the chapters in your life"

After school I met up with mum at the mall, she was there to de-stress from life, even if it was just for a little while. She watched a movie and had a bowl of Vietnamese noodles. Yum as I would say, I would have wanted to do the same since I am also having a series of overloads in school. I can't complain about it but I could use a short break. Its what this kid's signed up for.

Taking Panda's advice to eat at Oki Oki, dude that big bowl of beef Ramen's a taker! I wasn't that hungry though. I couldn't make myself any more hungrier than I was at 6p.m. Greg joined us later and I couldn't wait to have a fix of dessert. YEY! food is fun afterall.

Cocktails for Dessert
I have to mention Marc T. & Vin K. for bringing me here during the ToyCon last month, they treated me out for a free glass of water . Anyway tonight's dessert was charged to Greg since its his payday! How I wished I had pay days too. I ordered for a Mango Bananarama and a Vanilla Lychee Martini. Sounds good doesn't it? You be it tastes just as delightful! If not, you gotta get out more often.


Its just a problem
Today I was informed of a blockmate's personal dilemma, I feel her pain. The fear of losing a father is probably the least of my concerns but I feel an uncalled-for angst. So when you combine my stress + angst + frustrations it wouldn't make me feel dejected but you gotta know that a student's frustrations is his/her life. You give them too much and they tend to blow things up out of proportion.

Thats life, no matter how much I'd like to tell people that life is life and its just gonna keep on dragging you out to the dark, so you kids just gotta keep dancing in the dark. If you can't take the darkness use a flashlight and bring extra batteries, that makes you look cool among the rest of the dancers.

What I'm really trying to say is that, I feel sad- yeah, but not because of other people's problems but because they feel so bummed by their lives, and I wish there was something I could do for them. I find it the hardest to make them feel loved and important, but only because I have my own problems to deal with. Am I getting myself across to you people?

Well if I did get my message across, thank God for blogging! Otherwise, you can just keep dancing in the dark. I'll have to sit and wait till you see me trying to flash my light on your dancefloor.

Props for the social awareness
I gotta give props for my Rizal Prof. for requiring the whole class to get out and register, at least he's giving us the liberty to choose weather we to vote or not. Let me tell you kids as a citizen of this nation I will do everything in my power to get that one vote in the system. I hear its automated registry and all... wheee automatic finger print scanning!!!! So techy!

It's already August tomorrow! Buwan ng wika (Month of Language) for me and my countrymen. This has been Marz in a state of social equilibrium (I gotta finish my school crack!)

Later Days

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