If you twatted, you what?

Someone needs a good look at their dictionary for the word 'twatted' unless you're living in the 20th century. Hello, 21st Century kid of the present here! There was no twitter back then but just what on earth is a twitter? Well if your a smart kid (who's not in my age group, congratulations) you would have probably read by now how 'Twitter' is defined in the urban dictionary which I won't bother sharing with you. My name is not spelled g-o-o-g-l-e let alone it starting with a lowercase letter.

Let me just get this straight, I have nothing against twiturds@ twitter or what not but IMO a twit is like sending a real-time life update to a bunch of people who 'follow' you. Oh wait doesn't that sounds like me blogging? Don't be surprised, that's why twitter is called microblogging of the sorts. So lets say something like this could happen:

Ben: What are you doing?
Twitty: twatting!
Ben: You mean twittering?
Twitty: yeah on my phone!
Ben: what are you twittering about?
Twitty: I just twatted that I was talking to you
Ben: really? tell me more about twitter, have a seat
Twitty: *twittering* I'm now sitting down on a chair at Ben's office
Ben: ...
Twitty: *twittering* Ben hasn't said anything for the last 5 seconds
Twitty: *twittering* Ben's office is full of rubber duckies
Twitty: *twittering* still sitting down on Ben's office chair, very comfy

Trust me kids, your followers don't wanna know your whereabouts between the time you had a 5 full glasses of prune juice till the time you felt the most relived in a day. Am I getting too technical here? I bet I am, I'm getting all those red marks from mispelled words because obviously these words I'm using can't be possibly found on the dictionary.

Your grandma/ grandpa doesn't know what twitter is but they're on Facebook

If you read this article you'd have an idea of the digits. I don't want to get all mathematical with you after using a bunch of politically unrecognized terms that I've been rambling about. When it comes right down to it most social networking sites are thriving with this 'twit'-like updates from netizens. I can name a few like plurk, facebook, multiply, even myspace.

Just for the record I think twitter just got the hits since big names like El presidente Obama, Sarah Palin, & Oprah have an account there. Let me hand it to you though, no one in the web is safe from phishing... just look at what happened to me after I signed up for facebook last Tuesday . (PUN unintended) This facebook thing is another story but in the end its always better to be more practical like fixing the soles of your school shoes yourself which I really did this evening.

This post does not directly reflect what I think about twitter or fixing my shoes.

Good night, kids.

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