ToyCon 2009

2009 Philippines Toy Convention
I still want to go to Singapore ToyCon

What a day for a toycon! Despite the swine flu scare I bet more than 500 guests attended today. I can say so because when we arrived at 10 in the morning, the line already went from point A toB (entrance till half way around the 5th floor in building B). I don't know for sure but those who were in line at that time would sure know that I'm not pulling anyone's leg.

The crowd @ 2pm

I hope that gives you an idea of how many people there was. Most of us would have done the math with probability, to prevent possible contamination of flu most of the guests came in with Flu masks.

Ate Annie & Ate Lhuke

With that I just gotta make a plug that I'll most likely be seen on one of Net25's shows. I don't know what show, what time but if you guys see me holler at me and don't get me into trouble with the Gods & Goddess from the can. I know they discourage the exposure but it just happened on the spot. Can't be helped can it?

Toycon scored the real deal!
I would have to say that this year they invited the right people for sponsors, guests, and exhibitors this year. I've been waiting for them to have at least exhibitors who carried brands like medicom & kid robot and they did however it was from the same people in Cubao X (did anyone go to the ROAM convention? I didn't). It's better than nothing, trust me at that. I even scored on the sale. I should have bought more but I was starting to come down with something and that was colds (well, that's what it is right now) I don't function properly given that.

pre-opened items (I didn't know it was till I opened it myself)

Convention was cooler than last year but...
Compared to last year I liked the exhibits in this year's toycon. It's starting to live up to its name however the venue was still ... I don't have a word for it but it isn't exactly the best place to hold a convention. It seriously felt like Divisoria because it was warmer than room temperature inside the convention hall except for the toy collection exhibit hall (which was my favorite of all, btw). From 10am till my last entry & exit it was warm, then hot, then hotter. I bet some of the kids might go home with a fever at that so much for A(H1N1) prevention (or maybe the air conditioning system was down, I hear that swine flu is air borne).

I on the other hand came home with colds, thank god it was just from last night and nothing too serious.

Not Just Meeting People
Just gotta make shoutouts to the people who knew / I know that bumped into me unexpectedly. A whole lotta batchmates and classmates from the old can, a sempai from the college MC dep, online friends who are cosplayers, KT Jr., random and not so random Jpop fan girls. And I'll tell you who I didn't meet today too! Hard Gay, Alodia, Jin, Audrey (Though I made an effort to tell her I was present I hope she got her photos), Miyavi Fans (I think the meet up is tomorrow? IDK), Mr. Huzafan (What lol?), Tim Tsui, & TobyHK.

Marc T & Marz A. (Vin K. behind the cam)

... and I specifically came to see them manduksu! apart from buying Super Junior's 3 album (It didn't happen). wenidokame had a stall there. They were constantly bombarded by raving fangirls, couldn't keep up and I ended up buying NOTHING.

Ending the day
The greatest challenge would be going home not being able to fully appreciate the toycon with all the sales happening. I would have pawned the sale from where I bought the Munny zip-pull up but I couldn't find the stall anymore. I would have bought something from wenidokame (and now I'll most likely be buying SJVol.3Verc with Ate Lhuke). I wouldn't have gone today if I knew I wasn't 100% in tip top shape. I wouldn't have come early if the line wasn't so long. I would have just gone tomorrow but it's all the same. ToyCon is ToyCon and it's not SGTC... I'm so poor to teleport.

So kids, don't end up like me. If your coming down with something just stay at home and just attend the second day of the Toycon instead. *sniffs* It's not too late to see the ToyCon for yourself! Tomorrow is the 2nd and last day. I bet some of the prices even dropped by 25% and there may be different exhibitors. Just don't forget to tell me about your day.

Later Days

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