Jeep's 1st Gathering

After the 6G I get the reset button from the JE fandom as JEEP is now working its way to become a locally recognized NGO for JE and Jpop fans alike.

Jeep are the same people behind the JE gatherings held mostly at the UP Village / McDo as well as JE Summer gatherings (swimming). Before they registered to be "Jeep" they were often regarded as JEPH but they made the anouncement that their not JEPH but they started out from catering to the same crowd of fans as well. Mostly compromised of JE fans but JEEP wants to focus on Jpop in general (isn't that awesome?)

Jeep's first gathering
I actually came on time, not bad for a 1st gathering even if it was raining and I thought that I'd get run over by a real jeep on the way* to the venue but it didn't happen and I'm still here blogging about it! I have to say it felt really homey for a gathering we started the event with a prayer and I don't get that too often I gotta say so just because.

I might run short of words for this but but here's a run-down of events, we had games, food, prizes, raffle, sellers... Typical don't you think? (uwa I'm really running short of words for this and frankly speaking I just have to compare even if I honestly don't want to). Some of the games were neat, like the blindfolded guessing game, and tresure hunt.

from left to right: paper dance to SuJu's Sorry Sorry (LOL) & blind folded guessing game

The first gathering went smoothly just so to say, I think I'm just overwhelmed by the 6G last week and here I am but I guess I'm coming down with a comparison because I find it funny that Suju is the talk of the town here LOL. Ate Ayisse was all-out for the kpop and honestly I haven't been in touch with the Jpop scene lately only with a couple of cpop releases but that's that. It's quite a surprise that I even won the Pinoy Henyo game. I won myself a MYOJO Mag its not brand new but heck! MYOJO mag. Doi!

The only Mag with KAT-TUN on the cover otherwise I would have gone for the Jan09 issue of Potato

Haha lol at
Next gathering kpop gathering na tayo ha
-Ate Jaime
Well it can't be helped that Asian Pop is already semi-mainstream in the RP so the last thing we need here are direct sellers of goods, albums, & concert tickets. A shop? maybe why not.

I'm happy for Jeep for making fan girling/boying JPOP music & culture a fun thing. I'm looking forward to more of Jeep and its growing fan base.

Wanna join me, kids?

*= On the way to the venue while it was raining, I got off the bus then opened my umbrella which knocked of my headband to the other side of the drop-off partition of the road. There was a jeep headed for me on that lane where my headband fell (its a highway so go figure) I rushed to pick up my headband before the jeep came 8 feet closer and I lived. Sorry, better luck next time. :P

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Mariel said...

Hey Marz, I just changed URLS yet again. Hahaha. Sudden decision. :P I didn't come to this gathering, but I'm glad it ended up smoothly.

Guess we need to have a bigger place next time and more stuff, lol but it's not bad isn't it.

LMAO AYISSE. Because she was like all over SHINee the previous night with them winning HAHAHAHA. SORRY SORRY! XD