Independence Day Consolation prize

Hey folks! It's Independence day in the Philly and the RP is in a celebratory mood. I wonder why, after Sec. Puno said there's nothing to celebrate with the current state of the country (SHOOTCONASS) Pft... let the town folks celebrate anyway. Most of the Filipino population were out to exercise their rights to vote, to freedom, & to party. I'm missing out on all three today

Despite the lack of those elements, I get the consolation prize for being the grounded person that I am... not that I am right now

Free Fireworks

I just stayed home to catch the free firework show. Just my luck my cam caught this at the spur of the moment. That's a raw picture btw, with a little work on that it'd come out more vivid.

Right now I can only wish my papers can get finished so I can vote. I really want to seriously. I can only offer a short haiku for this day.
Ang Pilipinas
Perlas ng Silangan
Ipaglaban 'to!
Later kids!

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