Death of an Era

Hey folks today seems like a sad day for the world of music, it sure feels like I'm mourning over Elvis or Manlyn Monroe. Yesterday the "The King of Pop" was pronounced dead from a cardiac arrest. The news got to me today and I feel quite annoyed that this was the only news there was from all the news channels except of course the news in Iran. I bet even they took a short pause to address his death.

Photo courtesy of AP

Since I've spent the last five minutes commenting on other people's blogs about MJ's death I don't think I feel like sharing my personal appreciation of Micheal Jackson as a child. I will say that I've always seen him as a great legendary performer and with that said its not too hard to dream of someone with a lot of passion to achieve just as much as he did but he is irreplaceable.
"His death truly is like a death of an era"
-CNN News
I'm not surprised how most Filipino fans are moved by Micheal Jackson's passing. He was on the evening news. They featured his visit here back in 1996, On a visit to a local hospital he was asked what song he'd dedicate to his Filipino fans he said "Heal The World"and though it's a very shallow thing for me to say I do hope someone actually listens to him when he says that.

A vendor arranges files of pirated DVD's putting the Michael Jackson copy on top in anticipation of a brisk sale (AP)

Farrah Fawcett's Passing
It also saddens me to feel that Micheal Jackson's sudden death overshadowed the death of Farrah Fawcett. She also passed away the same day as Micheal Jackson, losing to her illness that is cancer.
"don't give up. No matter what they say to you, keep fighting"
-Farrah Fawcett
She wanted to serve as an inspiration to people and indeed she is for me.

Two big names in Hollywood, two great passings. I pray that the both of them find peace in their paradise. Tomorrow I have another battle to face, between me, my teeth and a couple of pesos.

Later, kids.

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