Meeting Royce'

I know Roy Disney and Rolls Royce both of which have a place in high society. Today I was introduced to Royce' a Japanese chocolate and cookie company who happens to make really fine chocolate, that of the likes of Lindt. *omgcompetitor!*

Mom brought home a small box of what I wouldn't be caught dead spending alone for
a small box of chocolates

Mom spent I'd say 400+PHP (roughly $9) for this small box. I'm not buying this.... Someone else will for me

Though Japan isn't known for fine chocolate this here, Royce' makes a fine exception. I haven't tried their other products but from the looks of it packaging, website, wikipedia entry, this looks like the works! Lucky us they're in retail since last year and is available in The Power Plant Mall, Makati. Apparently it costs me a premium just to get there without my folks' consent . The story short, this is one of the luxy chocolates that'll cost me a weeks worth of lunch money.

photo courtesy of e-royce

True enough, it does taste good, nom nom nom. If you wanna get hold of this delish confectionary treat, you can buy it online at its in Japanese. If that didn't help google is your friend.

Later days, kids

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