Kay kids, I bet your here for the juicy on Cass PH's 6th gathering and that's what your getting.
We walked from the station to the venue since we got there early, making an effort to walk through buildings to get there (Props to mum for the cool route tip). Anything else before getting to Citibank is history. Onto the real stuff.

When me and Cheska D. arrived at Citibank we were kind of hesitant deciding weather we'd go in the venue because personally I don't like asking people where's where and not getting the answers I want. On the bright side asking works and the nice manong guard gave me the straight skinny "Cass PH, 3rd floor, just sign in". Kay manong guard, your in my cool bodyguard book.

We made out way to the third floor and we got lost, good thing we bumped into a couple of fan girls headed to the venue and I saw Aika (Baduch's neice) inside, that's an obvious YES-I'M-NOT-A-LOST-FANGIRL-TODAY sign. We got our tickets and went inside... and out again (wrong door, beats me). Waiting time before we entered wasn't too long just like the previous gatherings I attended. This is new to me but maybe it's just me, each attendee got their picture taken by the photographer and I was like 25 seconds of fame at that. A plus for CassPH for making everyone enjoy the limelight. Heck! I doubt anyone didn't want a picture at the entrance. NEXT

The fangirls were given time to settle down and mingle with each other which was cool. Then a little into that the first game started, it was charades. I gotta say that my group play skills are getting rusty, I shouldn't have held that mic saying pass like mad, but hey my teammates were 'sports' cheering on 'hwaiting' to one another. I guess you guys didn't even hear our little group cheer (we thought we needed one) which was 'I got you under my skin' . But first, the players had to introduce themselves and their favorite TVXQ member. I think I got labeled as the girl who likes 'the boy who likes porn' for a favorite member eh... I noticed a decrease of Changmin fangirls or I'm just not getting out much ohshootme. If I remember correctly next came Ate Kring with a special entrada to Lee Hyori's U-Go-Girl making Cheska ask "Who's that?". Cheska was looking forward to meet our host and so there she & everyone has it. That's Ms. Funnysexy hosting the gathering once again and doing a fine job at it.

Oh yeah! It's Kring!

Throughout the G they passed around a balloon for kicks, nah just kidding that's just how they randomly picked who played their game sponsored by Zagu. (I could seriously make money out of these promotions) And the prizes were AWESOMENESS they gave away customized TVXQ tumblers, Zagu GCs, pins, & mobile dangles. I won one myself (I've been wanting warm coffee since... EVER. Will use this when I go to starbucks and I can't wait to see the look on the barista's face who'll prolli say "This kid's a dork!")Mmm coffee...

Then we were fed, oh goodie more time to meet more fan girls and boys. Then back to the games again. Another classic Trivia with T,V,X&Q *insert applauses*. I got Cheska to participate in this one. I never figured out that Micky was the #2 fan @ Bigeast nor did I know that Junsu's got his own gig called Crebeau____ (oh noes, memoplus-no moment). So that goes to show I'm no pro at this fangirling gig (where's the next show?).

don't tell my mum here's a drunken shot.

The Secret Code Game experience

A new exciting fun game that will get your noodle working. I'm blown to bits that the Cass Core came up with this. But this nearly drove me half-crazy outta my seat. Speaking of seat, I did find some letters under people's seats but I left them be. Nothing to brag about since its more of a I-chickened-out kinda thing. I was asked what 053036 meant I ended up switching the meaning of 3&6 while I was answering because I was nervous. I was given that 'love letter' in an airplane fold with instructions not share it with anyone (I started freaking out because Cheska was asking me about my Secret code answer, I ended up telling her that 053036 - 36 is TVXQ's manager's age, so yeah I didn't tell her anything neither about knowing the secret code). I brought my notepad (the secret code, deciphered is written there) with me. I WAS FREAKING OUT because I was very unsure of my answer, you bet I was! Playing games kept me from being nervous to have my notepad checked, eventually I let the nervousness slip as well as having my answer checked. The answer was given out at the end of the gathering and I was thrilled to know that my answer was correct. It didn't matter if I went home with the grand prize, I was just happy that I managed to solve the secret code without Park Songsengnim's help and with Ate Miki & Ate Mishi for cheering me on that I could do it. It pays to be Kpop'ducated .

Park Sonsengnim would probably call me 'a complete babo for asking him'

There was also bring me and a dance show down towards the end of the program (that takes me back to 5G when on the spot choreo took me by surprise). I gotta give props to the performers who were awesome! A really interesting accapella group whom Cheska bumped into at the WC and told me about it. (TVXQ, is known for accapellas and I haven't been hearing any lately. Mirotic accapella? Wrong Number? Purple line? Survivor?). We ended the gathering with a group photo and a message to TVXQ. With that I just remembered, a little something that separated 6G from the rest of the previous gatherings. A message from TVXQ themselves. LOL that takes home the crabs from Hiroshima, mate!

from left to right: HOMIN & TVXQ on the green screen?

I have to give lotsa Props to CassPH, even if I think that I enjoyed 5G more because of the element of surprise and mingling with fangirls however that message from TVXQ is just exceptional! You guys still won me and with that I'll consider being a volunteer next gathering to give back for keeping this fangirl happy throughout the series of gatherings that I have attended. Happy Third anniversary Cass PH! With that I think I still have a little something for you guys but it'll have to wait till tomorrow because I need some shut eye.

Be Kpopducated, kids!

Later days


FunnySexy said...

You always win prizes, don't you? Haha! Lucky girl!

Thanks for joining us, Mariel and I'm glad you enjoyed the gathering!


heavenswine said...

Nakakatuwang basahin ung fan account. ^__^

Siguro kht nde ako nagpunta, kapag nabasa ko toh, mafifeel ko tlga ung fun na nangyari :) Hehe. Thank You ng marami sa pagoorganize and all.. Maraming napasaya sa 6G ^__~