I had this boggling me

For the last four days of extensive thinking, searching.. for the secret code.


I still don't get it. I bet someone's having a ball laughing at me. Apparently my Korean speaking skills aren't that intellectually conversational yet. You can't have a mathematical discussion with me in Korean, let alone it being about math

But enough about that, I can't deny not being extra giddy about the upcoming 6th gathering. So giddy that I feel my face being restrained by a head brace. WHUT?

The event's going to be hosted by Ms. Funny Sexy whose blog about the iBlog5 event was fabOUlous. However I think to myself why I don't make an effort to actually to to these kind of forums? I guess blogs make people famous on their own right to... ok hold up where am I getting to?
I wanna get famous through blogging? not my thing. No, sir, Not me.

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