The face of satisfaction

Phew, I got startled from reading about a Blogger outage on Monday. I scrambled my braincells to figure out the math of time conversions. Thanks to World Clock from saving me spoil useless effort. So I have to give myself a mental note that there's nothing wrong with Blogger, just that my eagerness to blog is untimely. 

Here's a run down of events which I didn't really anticipate blogging about
May 6- Mum's Birthday
We checked out this water spa along Banawe called 'Ace Water Spa' it's a different splurging experience altogether. I wouldn't come back there for summer though, the kids go wild there.That evening we had a filling Greek dinner at Cyma

Then bought a cake I knew I couldn't consume as a whole from Conti's. Mom really wanted a chocolate overload cake but I suggested the Tiramisu. Note to everyone: don't ask me what cake to get for your birthday, I'll suggest the one I want. 

May 8- shopping unexpectedly
Mom took me with her shopping after my hair maintenance. This time it was a breeze

oh look, a decent cut while Venny's out
We went shopping alright and I have a new outfit to at to my online closet. The swine flue scare got me thinking, there's so many people in the malls today. 

Today - Hospital X Cess Birthday X Ate Bhuts Grad party
Put this all together and you know I can't call it a day, because I spent half of my day at the hospital and getting woozy from the asthma test I took. I didn't expect it to take so long and be complicated, thanks to the medical technician I didn't have too much peeves with the test. Apparently because we finished late and mum wanted to buy this nice drape at the mall we ended up spending half the afternoon at the mall unexpectedly I went shoe shopping which is very uncalled for. I still plan to take advantage of the sale till it's last day (Shopping on mother's day, ALONE)

At the end of the day, there's nothing better to do but give that infamous smug of content... ahhh

the only thing missing now is a good night's sleep

Later, Kids

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