Rediscoving the North

Here's one of the reasons why I didn't go on the Second or Third day of the Ozinefest. It's because I had unexpectedly been lazy and slow enough to pack my stuff for a whole day, breaks and procrastination periods included. (come on I'm not that meticulous). I knew I'd be out for a week so packing is a bit crazy since I couldn't find those handy disposable undies. For chrisakes! they were out of stock in every Watsons stores I went to. I guess everyone wanted their own set of disposable undies. I should have prepared earlier boo hoo.
note to self: pack or at least think of what to pack ahead of the peak of vacation period

We're off...
thinking that this would be a long trip (it is actually). 4 hours passed and we stopped by Sta. Maria, Pangasinan just because it was home and had to mind our own business while Greg gave Uncle Bher a short tour which Mum had to cut off because we had a long trip ahead of us. Then we arrived to our next pit stop Candon, Ilocos Sur where we had a fantastic all-Ilocano lunch prepared by my mum's friend Tita O. The food was AWESOMENESS and I don't know how on earth I missed out on the Ilocos Empanada on my last tour.

nomnomnom chew chew chew

When we arrived in our first destination, Vigan Ilocos Sur. I was quite surprised to be greeted by a volume of people which is a rare sight for me since Ilocos used to be just an old sleepy town but now it's all progressive with a Max and Jolibee and all that jazz you can get in the Metro is also there, very progressive I must say. I guess that is to be expected since its the peak of vacation and Holy week is already coming up.

We checked in at the Vigan Plaze Hotel which my Dad thought was the Vigan Hotel (Gives me the spooks just to think about checking in there), on the bright side our hotel was a newly constructed on (or at least that is what my mum was told). By nightfall we had halo-halo and the procession passed right in front of our table outside the hotel.

The Long way to Pagudpud
After a short tour on a kalesa in Vigan, we left for Pagudpud. We stopped by smaller towns on the way and check this apart from knowing that Batac, Ilocos Norte is where my roots can be traced there's also Pinili who are also Aglipayan. Dad told me that the smaller towns which didn't have Catholic churches had Iglesia Filipina Independente instead.

in photos (left to right): Aglipay mausoleum Batac, Ilocos Norte & Aglipay Memorial Park Pinili, Ilocos Norte

It feels funny when you go around places and find places with your name all over it. I have to tell you that the mausoleum is in Brgy. Aglipay. Where my dad guessed that we've gots lots of relatives there who don't know we exists (It's not my problem is it?). Anyway along the way I really did see lots of these churches and I didn't see much of people going through self flagellation except for parades for the dead that I eventually lost count of those things.

After that I made it a point that we visit the old light house before we made our way to the view deck somewhere along the highway. It's a bit of an adventure to climb up to the lighthouse let along going up inside it. Dad and Greg is familiar with the old lighthouse guard who happens to be already retired, his son took his place instead.

This is just about a handful of the trip. I'll be making another post about Pagudpud later on. I gotta retire for the night.

Inside Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, Burgos, Ilocos Norte

later, kids

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