Rediscoving the North Part 2

Here's the much needed update on "Rediscovering North: Pagudpud". I was holding back till I could get a picture of this odd looking lobster which I needed to do research on but we'll get to that later.

The long way to Pagudpud
After passing the light house which is one of my favorite landmarks going to the North we also checked out the view deck to the windmills but we never got the chance to get thisclose to it so much for a happy tree friends stunt back there. After finding our hotel the weather got bad and it started to rain (oh boo-hoo, it rains again)

Kapuluan Vista Resort

there's nothing else better to do at that time but to drink margarita and eat
It's a really nice place but given the weather conditions I didn't enjoy much plus the annoying gecko that scared the wits outta me. Note to self: check for those thin patch of clouds in the weather forecast. Thin patch of clouds equals a weeks worth of rainfall .

From where I was, the winds got really strong during the evenings that if I didn't weight a hundred pounds I would have been blown away. The winds were really strong and cold too but enough about the lousy weather, it really never cooperates when we visit there.

600km North of Manila
Because the weather conditions were no good to go practice surfing or go for a swim we decided to spend the day driving to Cagayan. We also checked out a resort there but I none of us were really up for a swim.

Looks like someone forgot to paint the sign!
Northern Delicacies
On the way back from Cagayan we passed by the highway stalls selling 'souvenirs' and all that jazz that including food. Dad suggested for us to buy kusimay. Here's the little critter after it's cooked

I was a bit worried about posting one of the pictures I took with this, thinking that it might be some sort of an endangered specie but I did a research on this and found out that this is actually some sort of a lobster, a weird specie too. You can find it's relatives at Bukisa.
Yum, tastes like crabs!
Later days

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