Ozine Fest 2009

I'm not a mocodity!!!
-Dr. Tran
I would have said the same but it doesn't really take that much for me to get used to that. For this year's Ozine fest I'm one of the costrippers (who didn't go for the 20PHP rebate) Lucky are those who even remembered that.

Yey! Ozine Fest 09 is finally conquered even if I only get to attend one day of it. I was even freaking out last night asking friends to choose my outfit @ Marz of the World. I didn't get to wear my planned J-rock attire. Maan that bites! It only sunk into me now that the Ozine even if it was packed with people was worth coming back to.

Costrippers and Cosplayers
I finally scored a picture with Hard Gay. Note to self: Make it a point to have a picture with Hard Gay at every con he goes.


What's inside?
I didn't get to play in the catch a fish booth (the one next to the darts) since I came too early whenever I came by their booth it'd still close or over crowded. So I didn't bother with that (What am I going to do with another fish anyway?). Its the first time I experienced eating at a Maid cafe, although I think I was supposed to be at the host club instead. I guess my notion that it's a girl / boy only thing to go to a maid cafe or host club is now null.

Funny thing is that, when I was having late lunch at the maid cafe it was just after most of the server's break. There was hardly anyone attending to us because there were other tables being entertained so the bouncer kuya served for us instead. I kind felt sorry for him but hey! He's a macho maid LOL. I'll remember that in the coming opportunities of eating at maid cafe.

I'd love to go back again but nothing beats the hype of a better year for an Ozine!

later days

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