Better than Bengay

My prayers were answered and I got to say 'Goodbye' properly to my Grandpa. It doesn't hurt as much when you do so but then again those on and off tears are just troublesome through glasses. Someone should invent glass wipers.

I had to make that one real quick on the first night of the wake. I remember asking for prayers on Wednesday afternoon hoping that he would pull through but I thought that it was absolutely selfish of me to ask something that would put him into much more pain.

Let me share with you the story of a farewell phone call Mng. Efren, my grandpa's bosom buddy, received from him.

We were on our way to the funeral parlor at 8:30 p.m. on Friday night. Earlier we tried to contact Mng. Efren to tell him the news about grandpa's passing, we didn't get any replies till he called when we were on the road to Loyola. The conversation went like this as far as I remember.
E: Why did you try to call earlier?
M: I called to let you know that Dad passed away this morning at 11:-- am
E: What? but he just called me yesterday. We didn't understand each other so I asked him to call my landline instead
M: ... are you sure? his phone was not with him yesterday. But anyway please do come to the wake

It quickly sunk into my mind and caught me off guard, right after mum hanged up she said
If that's not friendship I don't know what is.

Quick reality check
a.) Grandpa was no longer responsive during the time of the call
b.) the phone was not with him in the hospital
c.) the possible people who could have made the call (accidentally or not) don't know how to operate gramp's phone or would not have access to it nor know that they should contact Mng. Efren

Mom was also taken by surprise and asked me to get Gramp's phone which I did and checked the outgoing calls. True enough the said phone call showed up in the call register in both phones (My Gramp's phone and Mng. Efren's phone, we asked him to look into it too). I found this quite astonishing.

I'm grateful for that much that he pulled through beyond what I had hope for. I have to say that I am happy for him. He's in his happy place now while we move onwards. We'll miss him very much.

We know he's strong and loves taking morning walks. We hope he'll have enough strength and a never ending road to walk on
I have to catch up on sleep. I hadn't have a good night's sleep since the beginning of the week. I could use one right now. I'll probably catch up with blogging about vacation in the next few days. And last but not least I'd like to thank everyone for their concern, prayers, and words of wisdom that has helped me cope up. I really appreciated the kind gestures and all the help, Thank you. You just don't know how much better that makes me feel than having to rub Bengay on all the wrong places it can't reach, the heart.

Later, kids.

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