Merry Christmas Happy Birthday!

I'm finally off the hook from school and Yaejong (in the next 60 minutes) from being my 3 day "Yeobo" (Honey) Its only temporary because you know who I REALLY like I promised him and he's such a lousy person to be a Honey to. I'd rather go out with Papa Pastie and have him kiss Angelee which I did ask of him tonight.

Pre birthday shoot photos released!
Its only on my multiply, mates, so think fast.. here's some previews

Thanks to Venny for going through all the trouble of coming down to Philly all the way from Spain. Check out the set

Merry Christmas?
When I blew out my candles today, I forgot to make a wish. I always thought that wishing on birthday candles were childish so I made 2 wishes one is something I wished for almost every birthday the other a fairly attainable wish.

No, really I thought it was childish

If you can fulfill my birthday list then I'll treat you out.
  • Pro account in Flickr
  • web hosting and domain package
  • paid LJ account
  • someone like... ok wag na lang (nevermind)
nothing too heavy, yes?

Tomorrow I'm going out with a couple of friends, I'll see if my one of my last year's birthday wish would come true this year. Much love to all the well wishers, You'll be blessed!

Later days kids

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