The end is near... for them

Here's March bringing the end for.. mostly a lot of things. Just end of a chapter, as my dark forces are graduating I'm mentally debating with myself whether I should attend their graduation for love's sake. LOL si Papa Nems ko! I'm bit skeptic that someone might question my presence since it's pretty late in the evening.

Venny's back from Spain to celebrate my birthday but the thing is I don't really celebrate birthdays as you can recall from last year... Yeah sucky I know. Even Papa Pasty (Luis) is asking where the party's at. He ended up asking me to go to his birthday instead ah ok. A couple of friends asked me out too but sadly there's only one person who's succeeding with all the birthday planing. I should go strangle him.

Since Venny's back. Style's back as well! She proposed a pre-birthday photo shoot because she knows I'd be out in the battlefield of pen and exams on b-day. Only one for now because she's asking me not to spoil it for her. Here's a tip though, there's another picture from this set in Marz of The World.

There's lots of people graduating and have my calendar full since I got a couple of folks coming home from Philly (the real deal, Philidelphia). Greg's Graduating, my Seniors are graduating, My kampon ng kadiliman are graduating, my baby kampon is also graduating, and I'm graduating from 16 years of living.

I still need a summer job. I still haven't paid or mailed my host about my web hosting plan. I didn't bother much with elections for my theater organization. Because I just realized that I'd go kill more time actually trying to survive college more than anything else. I know, go crazy right? I have better things to attend to than go crazy right now.

Speaking of Birthdays
We spent Audrey's Birthday at the park last Sunday. Yeyness for difference.

So kids, party at your risk!

Later days

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