Easiest Mistakes

On the 28th of Feb I was going through my LJ account. I still am very stumped with how the business goes down there (if there is any). Over breakfast that morning me and mum were talking about social networking websites then The Today Show had the CEO of facebook as a guest. She tells me that she has an account there. My face went from to "OK, that's great mum. I don't even have one there". So you know I felt kind of conscious and I got back to fixing my messy web life (more likely I freaked, because I'm not a fan of that).

Over-rated place
I talked my mum into it, having dinner at Bonifacio High street. Which we did tonight. We had dinner at some Hawaiian inspired resto and it was a nice experience. However I don't think I'd be getting my shoes dirty going back there. An absolute waste of my time unless, I need to find a really good book (Have you checked out the Fully Booked branch there? It reminded me of Kinokoniya). So yeah, I guess I still have a reason to drop by there

~Then from Saturday up to Today~

Speaking of books
I've gotten very engrossed with reading manga on my DS. I'm currently reading 20th Century Boys which if I remembered correctly, its live action movie came out late October last year in Singapore. It didn't concern me until I got itchy to get my hands on any manga for a test run on my DS. Sure enough, curiosity killed me. I'm now finding time to finish reading this. Bad thing for me to get busy with since finals is closing in.. Easy mistake to commit my time on.

More on the reads, I checked out Trese on the web and read that too on my DS. I finished up to the 7th chapter. Nothing beats buying the real thing though. I have to patiently wait for Sir Budjette to put up the 8th Case on his blog. There's also Popteen & Junon Magazine which I also happen to have in my DS. Apparently my DS has been doing good for both reading materials.

But what really hits the spot is this audiobook I managed to snag. Surprise surprise, It's the whole twilight series! So I guess I don't have to buy the last three books now that I have it on audiobook version. Let me tell you... it's also on my DS. *wink wink*

To sum it up, all the reading material that I've managed to read on my DS are
  • 20th Century Boys (vol. 1-3)
  • Trese (case 5-7)
  • Popteen March 2009 Issue
  • Junon Feb '09 Issue
  • Twilight (New Moon) <- Still listening to it
I didn't imagine the audiobook to be so long. A day isn't enough for me to finish it. I guess I have to stop for now and move everything up to until the finals end. I can't help but put a sheepish grin on my face whenever Bella describes Edward (or any funky situation she's in for that matter). I didn't imagine myself to take fancy on Jacob Black. Mind you, when I do this I have to make sure no one from the house is looking otherwise I'd be mistaken for a delusional child in love with an inanimate object . Which is far beyond acceptable if you ask me.
I have to stop for now and move everything up to until the finals end, I am such a masochist
Just a little more eyecandy for my DS.
I made two new themes. The Super Junior images from Candy Sky graphics were so prone to my artistic manipulation that it has to be turned into a DS theme.

That's it, kids. I have to stop myself from professing my love to inanimate objects *ehem*DS*ehem*.


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Linnéa said...

I must truly upgrade my DS!
What is the name of the games you have photos of?
They look so fun!!
(And the last.."game-thing" was that some photo editing-thing? )
-I want that ><

Btw here is my link, to my new blog <3
let me know what you think about it ;)
xoxo L.