Take on play

It was finally play day yesterday and people did really take the time to watch, even if we didn't manage to make good sales but we managed somehow at least.

I came in at 7:30 after buying donuts for breakfast and I swear I would have gotten a seriously bad case of methane production if I didn't go easy on eating whatever food there was. Later, We had to fix the set and had one last practice before we pulled off our first run. Adding the finishing touches to our set was tedious but we managed somehow. Yeah, that should be right we managed.

I have learned a lot all through out the making of this stage play and would definitely go for another one if given the chance and skills (I shall practice my Tagalog diction as much as I can!). Then shall follow my acting skills, if not... Hello director's seat XD. I'd go back to the old school classics in directing.

After a hard days' work, I have had a lovely Sicilian dinner with my family and talked about how the play went. It was then I found out that my brother actually did the same play as my co-actors/actresses in comedy did.

That's Good
-Don Francisco
I'd like to thank everyone for coming as well those who tried to make it, I appreciate your efforts. It's time for me to get back to my daily routine.

Later days, kids

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