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Tonight is my night off studies and so I had to catch up with family matters and MarzMusic re-uploads (just really can't let go of the site).

If I haven't properly introduced my brother, Greg. He and Ian Mallari made an appearance/ guesting in Radio Negosyo with Carl Balita. Doing a talk on where college entrepreneurship students should put their efforts on after college or before graduating from it. I don't really need the props if you find this on a search engine, he didn't ask me to write this :P

You've got to make calculated risks and be brave enough to face them
If I remembered right, some forcible parents got Sir Carl Balita's frank opinion on students who are forced to take up nursing, he mentioned the alarming number of students who don't make the cut for being a nurse. Can you say "ouch"?

It's Getting hot!
I don't usually complain about the weather but I guess today'll be an exception. Todays' high is at 35C. Welcome to the Philippines! Speaking of hot that's not the only hot encounter I have today. I caught sight of DBSK's 3rd concert stills and I saw U-know doing his back-up dancer... LUCKY BUTT!!!

credits to Yuibkk @ multiply

I gotta go and watch Big Bang's Stand Up Con in Japan and go wonder for DBSK's 3rd Mirotic con DVD. I hope it comes out soon. Also MOUSE PIECE CON... Tat-su-ya!

Later Days, kids

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