Green Valentines Day

Some thing's new this Valentines Day. You won't hear me complaining about dates and the like because this year my Valentines went splendid with nature.

Me and a some of my mates from school went on an eco-trip to Cabiokid Cabiao, Nueva Ecija. I didn't really expect anything like this in such a place. It's like a mini eco-park that's still in its 7th year in the making. You can't rush nature, over here they'll tell you themselves to take it slow.

Cabiokid entrance

We started off with a group exercise where each and everyone of us required to feel our hands and take into mind that we're one with nature. It's a love affair with nature we're having today. I learned that clapping send vibrations that break the peace in the air waves, just a little something I learned from the activity. We immediately had our lunch right after that.

pinakbet & caldereta

Later in the day we were told that everything that goes on in cabiokid goes through organic re-usage meaning the pig that was used for the caldereta was fed with organic food from the farm itself same with the pinakbet, its all produce from the farm. Oh yeah, that reminds me of what we had for merienda- Palitaw with this really good juice that was a mix of stuff from the farm also. Heck I couldn't remember but I'd sure come back for that too!

After eating we started out eco-tour. We did a walking tour of the places already developed for touring. Walking was fine but I bothered an army of red ants, mind you, being bitten by red ants is crazy! (rather, more of an irritating experience but yeah).

At the eco-tour

Best part of the day was the planting. We were invited to do planting IN THE MUD just like our farmers would. Admittedly I REALLY wanted to go but I didn't bring a change of shoes and I wasn't able to catch up with the group so in short- I didn't get to plant anything. I did get a good laugh out of everyone who did though.

looks like lots of fun doesn't it?

At the end of the day I realize how lucky the Philippines is, we're so blessed that we can't see what's right in front of our faces. It seems quite awkward that it's even the naturalized foreigners (or foreigners for that matter) are the ones who try to make us Filipinos realize that with our own hands we can create something that's good for all of us, we're just not looking at the right perspective that's all. I hope we can learn to re-adapt this kind of livelihood. You see, the Philippines IS BEAUTIFUL!

Today I feel very much loved by and vice-versa with mother earth. Thanks to school, Cabiokid, and happy earth foundation for this wonderfull experience. I'm inviting you guys to check them out as well.

Happy Green Valentines Day Everyone!

Later Days

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