Converting Book Titles

Just a trend I noticed from a couple of NDS games I've been playing lately.

I've finished playing Desperaux a book that's been made a rendition for the big screen and now currently playing Coraline from the book Coraline.

The Tale of Despereaux & Coraline

Call me unimaginative but I did not expect Coraline to look like a teeny bopper who speaks "like, like", you get the drift. Otherwise I should ask Boogs to lend me her book again just to double check on that. I just got the wildest aniticipation for a Twilight game. Yes LOL at that but after seing the movie- we can just kept it at that... New director please! Or at least stop Bella from saying her lustfilled lines JKJK. No need to kill me Twatlight fans.

I want to read..
This I believe should be up at marzwantsthis but nah, I don't have good reviews to write as to why I want to read any of the following books:
  • McArthur by Bob Ong
  • Trese: Book II by Budjette Tan & KaJo Baldisimo
  • Dirty Japanese
  • New Moon (I sure I am an avid reader, sir)
I don't have to include photobooks in this list otherwise you'd seriously beat me up after mentioning Twilight.

After Vday
It's another boxing day for me. I could do this all year round if I had dough and the time.

What better way to waste money on a piggy bank. I've been wanting one for ages yet I didn't buy the one I really liked because I was imapatient. Oh contrare. At least it serves it's purpose, coins for coffee HAH like that'd really happen.

Later days, kids

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Linnéa said...

LOVE the "piggy bank"! so cute <3
And I just begun to read new moon, think I like it ;P