I am always somber- lately

Man I can't get my act straight. I'm not drunk- I can't drink, haven't drinked, I act drunk then I become somber. Mood swings, Perhaps?

Why do I even bother?

Mark's Day
Came out of school late 'coz I hitched a ride with Angelee (Cuartero) and surprisingly I can't think of any good reason why Joax G. has to come a long and make things harder for herself. I've kept my just as messed up thoughts to myself. Demmet I torture myself thinking I might bump into -Godknowswho- on this day. I prayed and my prayers was answered, I did not meet this particular person today. Good grief I could heave a sigh right about now if only I didn't have to put this into writing.

It's good to see Vanessa and Kathy together after a while. I didn't even know that Kathy was back till Angelee told me on our way there. It's nice to see my old mates from the old school.

Practice for a play
We had our practice for our stage play and this is (I think) a once a year one-time, big-time thing in my school organization. I on the other hand just started to realize that my role is not entirely my thing and it fails to do me justice compared to the previous characters I play. Let me tell you, even a no-brainer can do it. I have no idea what got into me when I said that I wanted this role. ohshootme after my next epic fail but for now, please don't. I'll finish this role with a good memory of being this kind of character.

and Lunar new year is on the 26th. The new year's coming pretty early I should say.

Stay normal, kids

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