Earth Ox New Year

The past few days was really frustrating, those days is what I call... BULL*. Yeah coz it's a timely thing. I ought to stop saying it now. Haha. I'm sorry if your offended but you ought to get your diction right because I'm talking about Lauda Shitiko's BSHIT, nuff said.

This year I'm not really celebrating New Year except with traditional new year noodles and tikoy. Instead of mimicking Chinese Orchestras, I got busy with extra-corricular school activities. We did our tarp photoshoot, surprisingly we used my camera. I should have invited Baurunson to do his job and his mad little monster, I'm talking about his camera.

I want to watch a Chinese Dragon Dance now! Here's something for old times sake just because it's CNY

Nems & Me @ The 1st SCS AsianFood Festival

^It's mister prom partner! LOL

let me exclaim
新年快樂! Happy Birthday JJ! Bon Voyage, Kathy!

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