Back to the lab again

There's only a week till my first college stage play. Pathetic, I know but I really need to work on my stage prescence no matter how irrelevant my role is. Heck! I even bothered my parents to watch.

Epic fail
Tita Nanette B.'s guest letter was featured in the El Nido news letter for January with a matching picture that comes with...

betcha can't find me here
I thought I'd graduate from the fatty look.

...If the game fits
I've been caught up in school and stuff, I lack sleep ang start slacking off like mad. Tomorrow I have to come in early for another photo shoot. I want ice in my morning coffee (or I'm just out of mind again). However there's a new distraction in town that caught me off guard last night.

I really wouldn't be playing but it's FF:X neato for geeks like me.


Relax, Kids

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