You'll hear from me

I just laugh at the thought that it doesn't feel like it's December already. It seems all superficial and whimsical to the sight and sour to the taste. I just got the visit from the amihan winds just around 8 in the evening and indeed the winds are definitely strong.

Me in the times
>I've have this habit of catching a couple of free firework shows from two of the local malls nearby. I'm starting to like my view point though there's a disturbing building blocking the firework show from Trinoma.
> I'm starting to dislike beautiful LCD monitors since mom bought one lately. The cable is going fuzzy for some reason and it's just another reason to make my dad karaoke on the magic sing. There wasn't a day in a week that he didn't karaoke since mom bought that tv.
> I'm leaving the bandwagon for web frenzies. I just want to keep my myspace because I'm more for 'close all' my accounts on any networking sites I've joined. I've let too much of my private life leak on the net for too long and its starting to grow onto me.

Turning point
I'm really eager to battle it out with the piracy and put an end to MarzMusic. That doesn't mean that I won't be sharing what I like though however there's a big number of web users who are joining the band wagon of piracy music sharing. I think this should be my turning point in the music sharing, I need to mellow down since the Cpop scene is doing poorly. I don't want the same to happen to the Kpop and Jpop scene in the next few years.

Apparently MarzoPop TV is planning to go out of the biz because of the backlash of the economy. Times are tough and if I were to come back to work for MarzoPop it'd back in my original seat in front of the mic taking requests or hosting the show. Its sad but that's life. I'm moving on.

after that. I'll be working myself to focus on my studies and photography.. and technically I'm buying myself more time to get caught in life. It hurts my eyes to read what I'm saying but MarzMusic has come a long way for me to just stop. Abrupt, I know but still... My own little way of shortening the number of people who resort to piracy.

I've been in this world for 16 and a half years. I might as well be made use of.

Later days, kids

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