The Skies Smiled At Me

Don't Tell My Dad
In contrary to the show 'Don't Tell My Mother' I have my own show to host but this is different. I went for a short over night trip in Taytay, Rizal and did team building activities. Lets just put this way- It was something I had been missing out on a lot when I was still in my former school.

It didn't seem much of a important event except it was more on a relation-opener-fixer mood which I'm not really in-tune with. Its a rare thing that the kids take me seriously so I why should I? I still enjoyed and got closer with my blockmates because it's different in college. When you tell the story of your life it sounds different to someone who thinks they know you because they can't take you seriously. They can't imagine the story happening to the story-teller.

Asking about the flu mask? Its in fashion. I haven't got well from my colds and I've got a really bad case of coughing that goes with it. Nothing that sleep and plenty of liquids can't fix. I gotta give props to Sir Bo for taking care of us during the retreat.

The Skies Smiled At Me
There's nothing more spectacular than being able to see another planet with your bare eyes. That's what we've experienced yesterday. Apparently there is a 'Planetary Conjunction' and we get to see Venus and Jupiter from Earth. AWESOME.

that's it I gotta sleep this virus away.

Later, kids

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