No Snow In December

THERE IS NO SNOW HERE! Here I am bringing you the joyeux ligaya of my Christmas. Though it's more of an "X-mas". I can't hardly feel it but you know if I did try really hard it'd hit me hard in the face.

I'm finally off the hook from all my duties from school tomorrow. Goodies! I get to party hard now. Tomorrow is Party time with the JE Fangirls then DBSJEE, WHEE!!! It'll be so busy in December! I haven't even got my gifts ready, not even my I.O.U cards which is the least I could give for my buds at school. I'm so lame! Thank God I have friends who really take the time to remember and go out of the way to give gifts. Don't worry I do really have something for you guys too!

I don't think I'll be continuing my MarzMusic duties in a while after I upload KAT-TUN's White Xmas Single because I'm really not for the piracy thing. I should at least start by lessening the file sharing business. Looks like I'll be converting MarzMusic next year.

Random Exposure
Some of the perks for being part of school organizations like the drama central of what-not-ness and as well as having access to the radio room (Whooo- NOSTALGICNESS). Our mini-skit went well except for some technical problems that we had. I can't really blame anyone for that but if I were to be sorry... I would be to that little kid I accidentally "knee-ed" on the head- Yeah ouch!

I guess you might find it funny if I told you myself about that kid. It's horrible when a kid starts crying and you can't do anything. Marz Ren once again... acting a fool. The stage lights blinds me.

Today's Party ala fiesta
I had least expected it to be like this. The after party of the program seemed like a mini-fiesta and Ma'am Marissa (Verona) is in good spirits today. As well as the performing sisters (Haha that was a sell-out!). The Free Lunchers scored free food today!

Same with the timely fireworks we have during intervals

looks absolutely surreal and awkward when done before dark.
it makes this evening go from this

to this

these guys know how to party.

Merry Christmas, Kids! I'm skipping boxing day except boxing day shopping for myself.

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