Home from Paradise

If there's one thing I picked up from La Dolce Vita it'd be dying in your dream place. Least I want to tarnish the resort I was at. There's no time for that.

Back to the game in El Nido
It's my third stay here in El Nido. The water's fine and the weather is great. Unfortunately I only got to see the giant jacks only today and I just found out that there's a Wii in the guest activity center.


The food however changed so I can't say that it was as Luxy as it was the last time I was there. It's still good though. I enjoyed the picnic lunch at Entalula and the beach too! Breakfasts were always such a treat! I missed it big time.

So much for that there's one too many adventures for my IXY cam and that it could seriously use a visit to the service center before the warranty goes null.

Just my luck I'm back here

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