DBSJEE 1st Gathering

Today we have three of SM's boybands DBSK, Super Junior, & SHINee's fans in one room for one day. Another First for Marz for Asian Pop in the RP.

The Event
As usual we started off with an ice breaker game namely the human bingo game DBSJEE-wise. Then the performances took place with games in between. The accent game was pretty neat but really hard to keep up with. There was also the individual cosplays. I thought it was group cosplays so I didn't bother kekeke (Taemin is acutally my brother along with).

Do you know who they're cosplaying?

Ate Kring is once again, our host

Then it was time to give props to the winners. Yey for those lucky contestants which I am not one of (blaaahh I want a CassPH 6G FanArt headache!). Lucky butts gets an album and a poster RAWR. So instead I got myself something I've been wanting for a very long time.

we all know that's a lie

Oh yeah I also have my very own POYA!

Minnie & Biggie Poya

I can now lose myself in the fandom after singing up for SJPH & SHINeePH there's still more for me to attend to. Yeah I know I missed the JE gathering today but yeah.

Happy Holidays, Kids

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