2008 in Retrospect

For everyone, dedicated to the people who dropped by / into my life in 2008. YOU did your part to make my 2008 what it is/was. Thank You.

-MarzsYOU-Mahal Ka ni Marz-馬摯你們-당신을 사랑-

2008's been an eventful year. I wouldn't exactly call it a walk in the park but I'd say more like a dip in the pool with warm water (odd, yes?). I'm thankful that I'm literally back on my feet and will most likely not mention that anymore in 2009. But its these kinds of feats that I will definitely bring with me in the years to come.

In January of this year, My steroid intake was tapered down and by March I'm off any drugs related to Cutaneous Vasculitis. If you don't know what on earth that is, you can ask the survivor. Turning me from this to this in a year and 9 months time. [Pictures were taken on April07 and Dec08 respectively] Yes I know, who the F!@(*&@! is that? Having a bit of self-respect, THAT is the only picture you'll see.

With the thought of no longer getting sick & having to get check-ups in mind, turns out I had to face yet another dreaded disease in September, Dengue. Demmet what luck I have.

If you have to know, in March, I graduated from Tertiary School but not from language school (I have a long way to go I believe). I have my grievances in High School that I have already long left behind as well as The Gay Man Dennis knows its not him but I love him haha, let's leave it at that. I had to see friends off like Kathy and Marco but That didn't mean it was time to leave my friends in HS. For me, graduation was the killer event of the year. Not because we we're parting ways, but because I graduated without fulfilling Dad's wish and I got robbed off an iPod which was also his. I suck right?

I was getting depressed with my life not knowing what college to enter. I tried out for SP and I got in. It was then I started to get busy with life before college. February, I worked behind the scenes for Musikabataan which I did very unprofessionally (I should have known better. Scold me later); MAJOR FANGIRLING: I became a SURE fan of KAT-TUN & strengthen ties with Cassies on the 5G which scored me JaeJong's earrings in April; I hosted a Cess' debut in May; Started college life and owned a shmexy LE colored DS in June; Rubbed elbows with Kpop Unnies and Oppas & Finally met JE fangirls in the flesh both on July; Then that really bad hair style in July got fixed in August; Went on CONS! with CONSENT in November; then in December felt like Scrooge watching a college Christmas play and partly screwed up on a stage performance and got my very own Poya! (Poya you Cassies!).

Leaving me with October the busiest month of the year (busy with school) and March the suckiest month because I didn't have the simplest things that money can't buy.

Apart from the ironies there were the good parts of 2008. I got to travel my backyard- PHILLY and whole lotsa other places like Cebu, Bohol, Singapore, El Nido and other places in every corner you couldn't think of!

It was even extra interesting and colorful when I met new acquaintances and made new friends- who I can fangirl with and relate to. People in college are bound to give you a headache by just remembering names and faces PLUS all the culture shock. I'm new to this College business so I could use a hand.. and I did have that. I'm also thankful for those who helped me out. BIG TIME.

Come to think of it, I've been very fortunate this year despite my grievances even if I did think it was a really big deal then. Looking back at it now, God sure knows how to write a good chapter and I'm working on that kind of literature myself (HA! I just remembered my brain-wrecking thesis sample (u-u^) ).

Next year, despite the economic downfall and probable recovery. Lets keep ourselves healthy and contented. Let's all work hard ALWAYS and not blow off our little fingers with firecrackers ok?

and you, how was 2008 treating you? Share your story. I told you it's not too late for change.

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